• February 03, 2023; 1-4 pm; Lecture at the University of Amsterdam
  • Artistic RReseach Group; Voxpop; information will follow

  • March 2023; Presentation with poet Tsead Bruinja at Perdu, Amsterdam
  • information will follow


Oktober 2022

Fall 2022

  • Working with editor Srdjan Fink and sound person Tom de Groot at the finalisation of three ‘Fryslân Docs’ on the theme of Frisian poetry.

Summer 2022

  • Realisation short film with Frisian-Dutch poet Tsead Bruinja under the title ‘Hok fan Rou’

June 2022 – Pitch for Waterwende by Silbersee

April 2022

  • Participation Group Show NDSM
    • You are cordially invited to the grand opening of the exhibition
    • ODYSSEE 2.0 on April 29 at NDSM FUSE at 17.00

    April 2022 Sabrina Huth and Ilana Reynolds will present their project

    A Meeting that Never took Place at the University of Amsterdam.



    The performance A meeting that Never took Place with dancers Ilana Reynolds and Sabrina Huth takes place in Lake Studios Berlin, October 01 – 02, 2021

    Imagined Choreographies

    Summer 2021

    We’re staying at Artist Residency Below in Wedding, Berlin and Below, north of Berlin.

    Shooting documentary footage in Lake Studios, Berlin and the residency Libken, north of Berlin.

    Collaboration in Berlin with the dancers/choreographers Sabrina Huth and Ilana Reynolds on their new performance A meeting that never took place.

    To premiere October 01 & 02, 2021 (Lake Studios, Berlin).

    April 2022 Sabrina Huth and Ilana Reynolds will present their project at the University of Amsterdam.

    Rûzje Wyn (Fluister Wind)

    July 02, 03, 2021; 8.30 pm 2021 Westerkerk, Leeuwarden

    Minskewolf, a performance with film en poëzie in collaboration with poet Elmar Kuiper, actor Rienk Nicolai and the band Tigers fan Greonterp. Read more

    Explore the North Spring festival 2021

    3 Poetry films in collaboration with the Frisian poets Elmar Kuiper, Tsead Bruinja and Nynke Laverman. The first film will be finished spring 2021.

    In the fall of 2021 the Frisian poets Elmar Kuiper and Tsead Bruinja will take the films on a poetry tour along several poetry and theatre venues in collaboration with the Frisian festival and production house Explore the North.

    • Writing for artists in NDSM Fuse in collaboration with Tree House, Amsterdam. Each Moday 5pm. Participate! Now online.