These films are available now through the Eye Short Film Pool:

Series of visual narratives Rûzje Wyn (Whisper Wind) that director Ester Eva Damen made together with Frisian poets Tsead Bruinja, Nynke Laverman and Elmar Kuiper, always centered around a Frisian poem. For part of her youth, Ester Eva lived in Friesland. She returned with the camera to connect with a time she had set apart in her life. Hearing the Frisian language brought her to forgotten feelings.

Hok van Rou was made in collaboration with Tsead Bruinja. He was Poet Laureate of the Netherlands in 2019 and 2020. Bruinja lives and works in Amsterdam. Ester Eva shared with him her memories of barn parties in the Frisian countryside. This led to a poem and the film Hok fan Rou.

As de Fisken was made in collaboration with singer and theater producer Nynke Laverman. Among other things, Ester Eva was inspired by a song text by Nynke: Kom as de fisken / kalm mei iepen eagen / sûnder seare wurden. (Come as the fishes / calm with open eyes / without sore words). From this encounter, the film As the Fisken was created with the collaboration of dancer Sabrina Huth.

Minskewolf was made in collaboration with writer, artist and musician Elmar Kuiper. He worked for many years in a psychiatric institution. Poems by Elmar about his period there brought them together with bilingual actor Rienk Nicolai to the performance and film Minskewolf.