Preparing a pitch. A proposal for a short opera(-film) has been preselected after an open call, Waterwende, by Silbersee.

Waterwende is the new studio of Silbersee, a space for research & development, a place for experimental creations, where sustainability is central and, for example, attention is paid to circularity. In 2022 we will start with the first batch of makers who can immerse themselves undisturbed for a year in a self-developed innovative project that deserves to be shown to society. The only condition we set is that they commit to the manifesto written by Silbersee.

Pitching for the Green Parliament

Ten makers of all entries will eventually be invited to pitch for the ‘Green Parliament’; a colorful group in which people of very diverse profiles are represented: children, young people, the elderly, local residents and professionals. The pitches will take place on Saturday, July 2, 2022. At the end of that day, parliament will elect four participants.