An Angel for Xávia
With your help, I will be able to make an Angel for Xávia: a monumental artwork outside of a Spanish gallery. This will be combined with an art residency and an exhibition in Spain.
After my residency there will be a presentation of my book about the project in Amsterdam, combined with Argentine tango music and dance.
The transparent Angel will be made of plexiglass (perspex) and mixed media. It stands for transformation, change. With your support, this project will be a turning point in my life, a new beginning for me as artist.

After my art education (Rijksakademie, Amsterdam), and my career as a visual artist, I have worked for 15 years in the field of music & dance. The Angel project marks my return in the visual arts. It is my artistic ‘coming out’ and presentation to the public for the second time, with exhibitions, new work and an artist’s book.

I challenge myself by making this monumental work, for which I will be working with new materials : because I vision the work as transparent and because it is situated outside, it should be made with perspex.
I am invited to exhibit in Gallery Artefactus in Xávia, Spain, in July; and to make a monumental artwork outside, in the public space, in front of the gallery’s balcony. In the months of June and July I am invited as artist in residence in the nearby community of Callosa d’en Sarría where I will make the Angel and works for the exhibition.

I invite you to sponsor my project and share this adventure with me. I will keep you updated of the progress of the project. I’ll make an artist book, meant for my benefactors as an expression of gratitude for their support realize this project. Furthermore there will be a presentation of the book plus an event to show the work in Amsterdam after my return – to which you are invited of course.

You are an angel for helping me to realize this project.
Facebook event presentation of the book

film made by: Ester Eva Damen.