Maumau (office); 1.5 hour; 3 - 4 Friday afternoons

Are you an artist and you want to write a text about your own work? Do you have to apply for subsidies, but you can t get it all together on paper? In this course in a short range of lessons you will be given an anchorpoint for the writing of an appealing text.

You may be wondering how to let go of your self-sensorshop and get to the writing itself. Or how to get to the core of your own fascination? Or maybe how to edit your own work and give all of this a head and a tail again? We will help to come up with some answers.

In this course we will be looking for authentic choices of words. Many artists statements are either too pretentious or too general. We will encourage you to make it into something that really suits you. Avoid repetition. Evoke an image. Let others feel your passion. Develop the guts to speak improvised about your work in front of a group.

It is possible to step into this course blank, however we advise that you would bring your current project. We work with techniques that create more freedom in writing and lead to larger concentration. Within the safety of a set of benchmarks, the group is invited to give feedback to the texts so that you can sharpen them. You will learn how to utilise this feedback and let it work for you in a positive way.

Ester Eva Damen is filmmaker with a background in visual art. Apart from the Dutch Film Academy she attended art school and earned her masters at the Rijksakademie of Visual Arts in Amsterdam (film/video). She studied text writing as well and is advising artists that want to develop a text about their work through a small foundation called la Jetee (Foundation Jetty) derived from the Experimental Film Classical of Chris Marker.