May 22, 2018; 5pm
Curating film program in Eye Filmmuseum.
Too Far/ Too Close/ The screen as mediator.

NDSM Fuse 1

January 18, 2018
'Edges' for solo percussion with amplified Plexiphone & electronic samples (2008)
C.V. Oorebeek, music Ester Eva Damen, visual artist, filmmaker
with the video made for the original project
Bart de Vrees op Zolder

Summer and fall, 2017
Ruzje Wyn, a range of poetry films. Script development with the support of the Netherlands Film Fund.

Interview met Elmar Kuiper from Ester Eva Damen on Vimeo.

October, 2017
Portraits of artists at the NDSM Art City
In collaboration with Eef van der Meer

Sep - Oct, 2017
Clips for Dichter op de Deel in Friesland, Exmorra.

February 19 and April 23, 2017
'Greide sessions', Development Friesian poetry film project
within: Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018.

January 28, 2017, 7pm
Showing Super 8 films during a festival in 'de Ruimte', Amsterdam. Progam

Super 8 Festival

January 15, 2017
Pitch Friesian poetry film project Heerenveen.
Leeuwarden Cultural Capital 2018

Fall 2016; show December 2016
Advice Jacqueline Kooter for film proposal Gijsbrecht van Aemstel. Stadsschouwburg, Amsterdam.

December 04, 2015, 7pm
Museum of Moving Images in Astoria (Queens) New York
Showing the film 'Edges' with a new performance of the piece by Christina Viola Oorebeek
during the Uncaged Toy Piano Festival.

Wall street journal interview Adam Tendler on 'Edges' and 'the Uncaged Toy Piano Festival'.

Preparing concert with Adam Tendler for the Uncaged Toy Piano Festival from Ester Eva Damen on Vimeo.

May, 2015
Coaching Vera Habes as a director on her educational video-project Serious Soap.

April 13 - May, 2015
Clip Marijke de Vries, Falling Angel, crowdfunding Voor de Kunst.

April, 2014
Working on a film with choreographer and dancer Suzan Tunca
named Kan Cekiyor to be realized in Istanbul
advised by producer de Productie.


Suzan Tunca

Fall 2013
Working on the documentary proposal Phantom Pain Fantoompijn.
This documentary is develloped in collaboration with van der Hoopfilm.
The portraits will also be shown as an installation.

Fantoompijn (kl)

'Speaking Stones'
Video-installation; double projection; 30'; DV; 2013 Synopsis
Portrait of a tower in Belgium, the heritage of mineworker Robert Garcet,
artist and autodidactical paleontologist.
in collaboration with van der Hoopfilm.

Sahara still 2

September and November 2012
Collaboration with choreographer and dancer Suzan Tunca dancing at ICK (Emio Greco).
Research 'Double sided canvas'.

Suzan Tunca 1Suzan Tunca 2Suzan Tunca 3

Preparing: 'One pink in freedom.
Conversations with my mother.'

Pink in de vrijheid

To Santiago
Film installation; 30'; DV; 2009 Synopsis
Research linked to the choreography Camino
(2007-10) by Marta Reig Torres.

Sahara still 2

Filmmaker and choreographer were walking a part of the path to Santiago de Compostella together and this resulted in three parallel projections ('Along the road; Sharing experiences; Home'). This installation traveled Spring 2010 with a tour along 15 theatres in Holland, Dansclick, and was shown again during the festival about modern devotion in Maastricht Musica Sacra.

Video with live concert; ook op DVD; 14'; Super8/ DV; 2007 Synopsis
'Edges, for amplified Plexiglass board and Super 8 projector'. With music of Christina Viola Oorebeek
shown in a film-concert-program of percussionist Arnold Marinissen
Ester Eva Damen also took responsibility for the theaterimage of the concert evening.

Order DVD Edges

Edges still

Short film; 10; S16; 2007 Synopsis
Some drama scripts for Ineke Houtman of which realized 'Sahara' with actress Renee Fokker.

Sahara still 2

(S8/DV; 2009) Film installation in 'Crossfire' Amsterdam, dance fragments (four within one screen) in a space with pillars. Composers Christina Viola Oorebeek and Calliope Tsoupaki were providing short music fragments to be heard in different corners of the space. This installation was also shown in 'Kulter' Amsterdam with live performance of Angela Kohnlein. Synopsis

Miniaturen from Ester Eva Damen on Vimeo.

Short film; 16'45"; 35mm zw; 2001 Synopsis
'RHOmbos' - with live performance of the Asko ensemble.
This film showed in the Groninger Museum, during the Holland Festival, the IFFR, and was broadcast by the NPS. Collaboration with choreographer Angela Kohnlein and composer Yannis Kyriakides.

RHOmbos 1

RHOmbos, the making of - from Ester Eva Damen on Vimeo.

Video; 2x30'; with Kyriakides concert 'SPI'; 1999
Collaboration with choreographer/dancer Angela Kohnlein.

Short film; 10'; 16mm zw; 1998 Synopsis

Windhangen 1Windhangen 2

Windhangen from Ester Eva Damen on Vimeo.

Change, shrink nor be not weak
Dance contribution in collaboration with Studio New Media Shosho.
In collaboration with dancer/choreographer Angela Kohnlein and composer Yannis Kyriakides.

One Minute Solo
DWA; 2003; 30'
Researchproject with Keren Levi and Tom Parkinson.

'To Salome'
Supershort S8 dancefilm; 2004; 3'
with Angela Kohnlein.

To Salome

Dancefilm; 15'; Beta SP; 1999 Synopsis

Ponderosa 1

Short video; Hi8/ DV, 10', 1997 Synopsis

Exterieur 4 Exterieur 5
Exterieur 2 Exterieur 1

Short video; H8/ DV, 3', 1995 Synopsis

Wenk 1 Wenk 2