for amplified Plexiglass board and Super 8 projector
Korte film met live percussie of soundtrack in vijf delen
16'; S8/DV; 2007

damaged-dotted-irregular-hairy-hard-hidden-invisible-painted-printed-raw-raffled-ragged-scribbled-serrated-smooth-soft-thick or thin-washed out-worn out: edgy

Music: Christina Viola Oorebeek
Percussion: Arnold Marinissen
Film: Ester Eva Damen

Edges; for amplified Plexiglass board and Super 8 projector
is a collaboration between composer Christina Viola Oorebeek, filmmaker Ester Eva Damen and percussionist Arnold Marinissen. Christina Viola Oorebeek creates sounds of transcience - inspired by suitcase wheels bouncing on city streets; tires rolling over highways; an off-kilter bass solo ad the murmur of a Super 8 film projector playing at different speeds. During the collaboration a new instument emerged: a rectangular, amplified board made out of Plexiglass, mounted with strips of decorative wooden moulding - played by Arnold Marinissen with non-traditional objects. Ester Eva Damen explores light and time through shifting layers of nighttime images.
The five movements of Edges show visual rhythms, city streets, a traveling carnival. In this play of shifting phases the music and film complement and define each other in seemingly random ways.

Sound recording: Marco Siciliani; Photo: Tom America; Thanks to: Melle Hammer, Amsterdam Fund for the Art; The Netherlands Fund for Composition; Foundation la Jetee; Foundation Percussion and friends; C-Doku, Krzysztof Wegiel; Public Space With a Roof; project Beauty Unrealized; Gon Ariens; Nanou Kurstjens